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Where do I start...

  1. BUDGET - determine how much you want to spend.
  2. DURATION - do you want a Standard, Superior or Premier fireworks show?
  3. SITE SELECTION OR VENUE - where is your event to be held? Does your venue allow fireworks?
  4. EVENT OR OCCASION - Is the fireworks display a surprise? We can remain hidden and silent until the time is right.

Once the details are worked out for your display we will send you a Booking Confirmation Form and issue a Certificate of Insurance to you.

Planning your event

  1. SITE PLANNING - An Absolutely Fabulous Fireworks representative will review your location and specific show requirements.
  2. SHOW DESIGN - Our show designers and technicians match your performance to exact your requirement.
  3. LOGISTICS - We begin the process of obtaining all necessary paperwork.
  4. EXECUTION - Our show designers and technicians tailor your fireworks display to suit your requirements.

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